So, are you’re thinking about upgrading to a smart car? Or do you already own a smart car but are upgrading to a heavier or bulkier mobility scooter? No matter which scenario is the case, the first issue you are sure to encounter is transportation. This guide will help you prepare to transport your second set of wheels – after all, what’s the point of owning a mobility scooter if you can’t go anywhere with it 3 wiel scootmobiel

Knowing Your Options

Mobility scooters can’t fit into smart cars, that much is obvious. Exceptions apply to the foldable travel scooters, the ones that are little more than a metal frame and bike seat. These tiny scooters are inexpensive and a good alternative for those times you need to travel. However, if you want to transport a full-sized scooter in your smart-sized car, you’ll have to look at a mini-trailer or toy hauler.

The reason we recommend a trailer instead of some type of external lift is that many smart cars don’t have the right sort of hitch to support a lift plus the weight of a scooter. You could always check with the manufacturer of the lift but the chances are slim that the arrangement can work.

A mobility scooter trailer, on the other hand, has its own wheels and can distribute the load evenly. It doesn’t require much of a hitch and it is likely possible to modify your vehicle with a hitch that can support the trailer. These trailers do not exert much force at all and help your smart car retain its smart gas mileage.

There are a few considerations to make before investing in a travel trailer for a mobility scooter. It is not possible to ride directly onto many of the trailers available, and if you cannot push the mobility scooter up the ramp, there are very few options. It is always worthwhile to call around to see if there are any scooters with a platform wide enough to walk down safely but they are so hard to find, unless custom-made.

Aside from using a travel scooter as a stand in, or investing in a trailer for your full-sized scooter, there are very few options for your smart car. You might be able to find a full-sized scooter that disassembles into small enough pieces to fit in the back hatch but even that requires significant muscle-power. Secondhand scooter trailers are inexpensive, easy to handle, and are definitely worth a try if nothing else will suit your needs.