The public authority of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) utilizes the accompanying terms to recognize various sorts of occupants:

Customary home

An individual who remains willfully and lawfully in Hong Kong for a proper reason (for example considers, business, work, home) for a short or long time is customarily inhabitant in Hong Kong.


In the event that an individual is customarily occupant in the HKSAR and isn’t liable to any furthest reaches of stay he is “settled”.

Right of Abode

The right of house implies that you can enter the HKSAR and be liberated from any state of stay. Moreover you can’t be extradited or eliminated from the HKSAR.

Right to Land

On the off chance that an individual loses the Right of Abode he consequently gets the option to land. The main distinction between the Right to Abode is that an individual with the Right to Land may be extradited from the HKSAR.

In both of the above cases you will get a character card. At present the Government issues two unique kinds of character cards:

·HK Permanent Identity Card, which expresses that the holder has the right of homestead in Hong Kong

·HK Identity Card, which doesn’t express employment visa application that right

Turning into an Ordinary Resident

You become a customary occupant in the event that you effectively applied for an understudy visa, venture visa of working visa. Another alternative is Residence as a ward.

Work Visa

You can get a work visa assuming a neighborhood organization needs to utilize you and you can evidence that someone with your capabilities can not be found locally. Per law any organization needs to attempt to fill an open occupation position with local people first.

Speculation Visa

Assuming you need to put a prominent measure of cash in a Hong Kong business and can demonstrate your should be in Hong Kong for that, you can apply for a venture visa. The prerequisites for this are normally very high and many individuals decide on the work visa rather by utilizing them self in their organization.

Understudy Visa

Look at the subtleties on any college/government school site.

Subordinate Visa

In case you are hitched to a super durable occupant individual or is utilized in Hong Kong, you can apply for a Dependent Visa and accordingly for an Identity Card.

Getting the Right of Abode + Permanent Identity Card

Following seven years of common home in Hong Kong you can apply to turn into a long-lasting inhabitant. Obviously you need to really live in the HKSAR for more often than not, however the principle focal point of the public authority to give long-lasting occupant status and the right of habitation is that you have documented your assessment form and paid burdened throughout the previous seven years. Moreover you may need to show why you pick Hong Kong as the spot for super durable residency.

A simple method to get a work visa and turned into an inhabitant is setting up your own organization in Hong Kong and utilizing yourself. This additionally permits you to get the right to home in Hong Kong following seven years. You have anyway more opportunity in choosing when you are in HK and when not in case you are utilized by your own organization.